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A/V & Theater Related Items


Abandoned & Impounded Vehicles

Articulated Dump Trucks

Agriculture/Farm Equipment

Asphalt & Paving Equipment

Airport Miscellaneous


All Terrain Vehicles


Ambulances & Related

Barber & Beauty Shop Equipment



Bridges & Docks

Bicycles & Scooters

Brush Trucks

Boats & Watercraft & Boat Motors

Bucket Trucks


Building & Construction Related

Boring Machines


Box Vans & Box Trucks

Buses - Airport Shuttle


Buses - School

Children's Furniture & Toys

Buses - Shuttle & Transit & Coach


Buses - Transit

Coins & Currency

Cab & Chassis Trucks


Cafeteria Related

Communication Radios, Towers & Equipment

Casino & Convention Center Decorations & Decor



Computers & Related

Display Cases

Concrete Related


Concrete Trucks


Confiscated/Personal Property

Dump Trucks

Cranes & Lifts

Election Equipment

Digger Trucks

Electrical Equipment & Supplies


Electronics & Emergency Electronics

Fencing & Gates

Emergency Vehicles Accessories & Emergency Equipment

Fire & EMS Related Equipment

Engineering & Related

Fire Trucks

Equipment, Attachments & All Others

Flatbed Trucks


Flooring & Related

Exercise Equipment

Forestry Equipment



Grapple Trucks

Furniture & Home Furnishings & Items

Guns & Knives & Accessories

Gaming Machines & Accessories

Haul & Winch Trucks

Gas Industry Related Items

Heavy Equipment


Heavy Equipment Accessories

Golf Course Related

Holiday Decorations - Christmas & Others


Horticulture & Landscaping

Jewelry & Costume Jewelry & Watches

Houses & Structures

Laboratory & Scientific Equipment

HVAC Equipment

Library Items & Furniture

Industrial Machines & Equipment

Lighting & Fixtures

Irrigation & Related

Livestock, Animals & Related

Janitorial Equipment & Supplies



Lost Or Abandoned Property


Luggage & Small Cases

Motor Graders

Mail Room Equipment

Motorcycles & Related

Material Handler


Medical & Dental

Mowers & Lawn Maintenance Equipment

Military Trucks & Jeeps

Musical Instruments & Accessories


NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle)

Pickups - Animal Control Body

Office Furniture & Equipment

Pickups - Cab & Chassis

Oil Industry Related Items

Pickups - Dump Body

Paint Striping Trucks

Pickups - Flatbed

Phones & Related

Pickups - Stakebed


Pickups - Utility Body



Print Shop Equipment & Related

Platform Trucks

Pumps & Motors

Playground Equipment

Real Estate

Plumbing Equipment & Supplies


Police & Emergency Gear

Recycler & Recycling Products

Portable Buildings & Structures

Refuse Containers


Refuse Trucks


Restaurant & Kitchen Equipment

Safety Related

Road Construction

School Furniture & Equipment

Roll Off Trucks

Scrap Metal, Aluminum & Other



RVs & Travel Trailers

Seized Vehicles


Sewer Camera Vans

Solar & Related

Sewer Towables

Specialized Seating

Sewer Trucks

Sports & Recreational & Arts


Stakebed Trucks

Signage & Poles

Storage Containers

Skid Steers

Surveying & Related



Tires, Tubes & Rims


Tools & Shop Related Items

Tables & Chairs

Towables - Moveable Specialized Equipment

Tanker Trucks

Track Loaders

Tanks - Water, Fuel, Oil, Etc

Tractor Loaders

Telecommunications Equipment

Tractors & Related


Traffic Signals & Controls

Trains & Related

Trailers - All Types


Trailers - Enclosed


Trailers - Flatbed

Truck Tractors

Trailers - Livestock

Trucks - Heavy Duty

Trailers - Refuse

Trucks - Light Duty


Uniforms & Clothing & Accessories

Vending Equipment

Utility Carts & Parking Enforcement Vehicles

Water Industry Related Items

Utility Trucks

Water Meters


Welding Equipment

Vehicle & Truck Accessories

Wheel Loaders

Vehicle & Truck Parts & Accessories

Wrecker Trucks


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